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A Patriotic Man (2013)
A Patriotic Man (2013)

A Patriotic Man (2013)

A Patriotic Man 2013 Toivos blood is exceptionally powerful When the Finnish ski team hears about Toivo, they understand they have found a highly prized secret weapon His blood can improve any athletes performance, fueling the skiers to success The prospects are fantastic, and in particular, Toivo works closely with one of the most talented of the skiers, Aino It is the 1980s Toivo is an unemployed typesetter His wife Pirkko encourages him to do something useful, so he goes to donate blood The blood astonishes the hospital nurse who assists him The Finnish national ski team then discovers the special qualities of Toivo blood, and soon Toivo joins the teams technical division to take up his secret role as a human blood tank Finlands brightest star is making a breakthrough Aino A young woman, Aino is not only a good skier but an impressive public brand, with the nickname Finnmaiden Soon, Toivo and Aino become an integral pair With Toivos help, Aino skis to the top of the world rankings Just before the most important race, however, a disaster occurs, which jeopardizes the highest goal Olympic victory Once again, the Finnish teams success is placed in Toivos hands Will the dangerous plan succeed What will Toivo do What will happen to Aino And most important of all Is Toivo a patriotic man

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Sport

Actor: Martti Suosalo , Pamela Tola , Janne Reinikainen

Director: Arto Halonen

Country: Finnish

Release: 04 Dec 2013

Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD