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Against All Enemies (2023)
Against All Enemies (2023)

Against All Enemies (2023)

Against All Enemies 2023 Over the past two decades, our nation has trained and deployed millions of Americans to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, and on unnamed battlefields even more remote The vast majority have returned home wanting nothing more than to successfully re enter civilian life But some have failed It does not take many fanatics, especially those with combat experience, to cause chaos Intelligence agencies now warn that the greatest terrorist threat to America comes from within Domestic violent extremist DVE groups are more active than ever At the core of this movement are military veterans, trained by the very government they seek to overthrow Through exclusive interviews, we will come to understand how years spent serving in the middle east inform not only the tactics they employ, but the world views they hold and the outcomes they seek For most Americans, the aftermath of the insurrection has consisted of law enforcement action, as rioters are identified, arrested, and prosecuted But for the tens of thousands of DVE members, especially the veterans among them, the aftermath is merely a lull in the action

Genre: Documentary , Crime , Drama

Actor: NA

Director: Charlie Sadoff

Country: English

Release: 08 Jun 2023

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD