Assassination Classroom (2013-2016)
Assassination Classroom (2013-2016)

Assassination Classroom (2013-2016)

Assassination Classroom 2013 2016 The Earth is threatened by a powerful creature who destroyed 70 of the Moon with its power, rendering into the shape of a crescent moon forever The creature claims that within a year, Earth will also be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance to avert this fate In class 3 E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he starts working as a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students not only regular subjects, but the ways of assassination The Japanese government promises a reward of 10 billion i e 100 million USD to whoever among the students succeeds to kill their teacher, whom they have named Korosensei However, this has proven to be an almost impossible task, as he has several inhuman abilities at his disposal, including the capacity of moving at Mach 20

Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy

Actor: Jun Fukuyama , Mai Fuchigami , Bryce Papenbrook

Director: NA

Country: Japanese

Release: 30 Aug 2020

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HDTV