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Escalofrio diabolico (1972)
Escalofrio diabolico (1972)

Escalofrio diabolico (1972)

Escalofrio diabolico 1972 Hey its a rare Spanish Gothic horror All the elements are in place We have a huge creepy castle with appropriately creepy staff Strange going on in the basement And er devil worshippers with machine gunsCrazy Alex lives in a huge castle with his also crazy mother, who claims that her dead husband and dead stepson come to visit her every night Alex just wants her to shut up and die and leave him the inheritance, but at least in the mean time he can try and hit it off with his dead brothers lover, who has come back to the castle for some closure Nows not the time, Alex Alex actually tells this to his lover, who is also his maid Shes not chuffed, to say the least Its not just banging the maids and chasing tail that Alex does in his spare time He also runs the local Satanic cult who are planning on sacrificing a young lady in the basement of the castle Alex and the local doctor, Dr Batman know that the satanic stuff is all a lot of crap, but they sure make a lot of money out of it Dr Batman, by the way, has arranged for a young nurse to arrive at the castle under the pretence of looking after Alexs mother This is all your run of the mill Gothic horror stuff, but theres some weird editing going on throughout the film that drags the plot into the seventies My favourite bit was the mute butler and his love for a mannequin hes got buried in a grave out the back When the nurse spurs his advances, he murders the mannequin If only the rest of the film was that stupid Things only really pick up near the end where all the satanic worshippers get together to murder the nurse and Patty Alex doesnt like being knocked back It is only then that the guns come out and things pick up a bit This film spends too long on the drama and too little on the horror Im guessing thats why its been left to obscurityOh, and Patty Shepherd wears the biggest pair of glasses Ive ever seen

Genre: Horror

Actor: Jorge Martin , Patty Shepard , Mariano Vidal Molina

Director: Jorge Martin

Country: Spanish

Release: 27 Jun 1972

Duration: 85 min

Quality: SD