Feud (2017)
Feud (2017)

Feud (2017)

Feud (2017) `What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' co-stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, two of the most prolific actresses in the history of Hollywood, had a famous feud while shooting the 1962 film. This docudrama from Emmy-winning producer Ryan Murphy (`American Horror Story') recalls the details of the legendary rivalry the Oscar-winning actresses had while filming the movie and extended well after the cameras stopped rolling. `Feud' recalls how the ladies struggled to hang on to fame in the twilight of their careers as they faced such obstacles such as ageism, sexism and misogyny. Leading the acclaimed cast are Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon -- portraying Crawford and Davis, respectively -- who have won three Oscars between them.

Genre: Biography , Drama

Actor: Jessica Lange , Susan Sarandon , Judy Davis

Director: Jaffe Cohen , Ryan Murphy , Michael Zam

Country: English

Release: 05 Mar 2017

Duration: 406 min

Quality: HDTV