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Justice, My Foot! (1992)
Justice, My Foot! (1992)

Justice, My Foot! (1992)

Justice, My Foot! (1992) Stephen Chow's special brand of very modern, very Hong Kong screwball comedy entered a new phase with Justice, My Foot!, a costume farce set in imperial China. Chow is a shyster with an equally eccentric kung-fu ace of a wife, hilariously played with Anita Mui Yim-fong. Accompanied by Chow's number one screen sidekick, Ng Man-tat, he manages to bring justice to the court and laughter to the viewer.

Genre: Action , Comedy , Drama

Actor: Stephen Chow , Anita Mui , Man Tat Ng

Director: Johnnie To

Country: Cantonese , Mandarin

Release: 02 Jul 1992

Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD