Roadies (2016)
Roadies (2016)

Roadies (2016)

Roadies (2016) Roadies are a largely underappreciated part of a concert. This comedy series, created by music industry veteran Cameron Crowe ("Almost Famous"), puts the hard-working individuals in the spotlight by providing an insider's look at the lives of some of the roadies for the Staton-House Band. Although they don't have the prolific lives and public scandals of the rockers who take the stage each night, there is still enough recklessness and romance to go around for the road crew. The roadies persevere through the issues they face in their personal lives to make sure the show goes on as planned every night.

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Music

Actor: Carla Gugino , Luke Wilson , Imogen Poots

Director: Cameron Crowe

Country: English

Release: 13 Jun 2016

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HDTV