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The Antman (2002)
The Antman (2002)

The Antman (2002)

The Antman 2002 The Antman doesnt only make you sweat in you seat because of the scorching heat in the desert, but also because of the permanent tension between the actors with the very heavy German language and, the seriousness and fun of the situations, supported with very appropriate supported music At the same time the film is pleasant to watch, with now and then a little thrill effect, to prevent you from smiling continuously during the runtime of the film These constant contradictions of emotions make the film special The Antman is not comparable with a similar theme of a transformed animal in the movie Fly Our war hero Don Jose is just married with Bella Bonita a self assured city women, and returns to a completely isolated village in the Mexican desert After their first passionate wedding night the major El Busto suggests the new guests better leave, but Don Jose is determined to stay You wonder why, because the inhabitants dont approach the couple with a lot of enthousiasm From his family members theres only his mysterious and not completely compos mentis brother His brother is only a little bit stranger than the other inhabitants What happened to his father and motherIn the queest for the secrets of the village, this B film shows rather a lot of themes as heroism, the closeness of a village, propagation and experiments with it, retaliation, weakness that becomes strongness and vice versa As time goes by, you wonder if the major is really the major, or is she just a puppet on a stringFrom technical point of view I complement the director for the smart and modern changing of scenes When you go home, make sure that you have insecticide

Genre: Comedy , Horror , Sci-Fi

Actor: Gotz Otto , Yasmina Filali , Lars Rudolph

Director: Christoph Gampl

Country: German

Release: 30 Jan 2003

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD